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The future is … predictive publishing

Know what you need to publish in your online leaflet, become more relevant and increase conversion The biggest challenge for retailers in 2016 is to get more insights in the behaviour of the target audience. Information bundling from different systems to view the customer data in one central location.

Importance of doordrop media

One of the questions I always get from retailers and e commerce managers, is if doordrop media isn’t outdated and caught up by the internet? Not al all; it is still very relevant!


More opportunities

The speed of digital developments are forcing markets and businesses to rapidly adapt to the new needs of the consumers created by digitization. What does this mean for the future of marketing and door drop media in particular? What can big data for example do for online publications?

The future of publications

WePublish believes that there is a lot of undiscovered data to be found in online publications. We give you the features to extend the life of your publications. Get useful insights and predict what your customers really want to see and buy in an online publication.



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