1. Upload

Upload your PDF and start creating your interactive publication.

2. Create

Enrich your publication with links, video’s, product feeds and other interactive features.

3. Publish

You’ll get a link or embed code so you can share your publication everywhere.


The only tool that will give you all the features you need to create beautiful interactive publications

Share on major networks

Users can easily share products and articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Whatsapp, email and many other networks.

Share on major networks

Customize the look and feel. Add your logo, customize the background, color and much more. Customize the reading experience to match your brand.

Embeddable publications

Embed your publications on your favourite platform. Place an interactive preview of your online publication on your website, Facebook or blog.

Import product feed

Import your product feed to add extra value to your online publication. Add extra information like images, videos, product descriptions and sharing options to your content.

Support (if you even need it)

We do our best to make sure that you don’t need our support at all. But for the rare cases that you do, we promise to give you the amazing service you deserve.

We take care of the technical stuff

You don’t need to install or download anything. Don’t even worry about maintenance. Just log into the web app and get started.

It’s all about metrics

All the metrics you need to get great insights into your audience and their behaviour. Reading behaviour is one of the many insights you’ll get from folders.eu.

A clear overview

The page overview allows your customers to get a quick look at what your online publication is about. It also acts as a shortcut for quick navigation to a specific spread.

Timed launching

We understand that you want to schedule the launch of your online publication. Timed launch or postponed publishing lets you enjoy your weekend.

SEO friendly

Every online publication you’re publishing will be optimized for search engines.

Related products

The product view allows your customers to stay inside the online publication. Thanks to our software you’re even able to show related products to be more relevant to your customers.

Shopping cart

A strong e­commerce feature for your digital publications. Give your customers the opportunity to buy your products in your online publication. No need to send your customers anywhere else.

Forget about hosting

Secure and reliable hosting in the cloud. We’ll keep your online publications up and running.

Fully responsive on all devices

We can guarantee that your publication will work on any device. Desktop, tablet, mobile and even as a custom native app.

Links, video's and images

Click anywhere on your digital publication and use the editor to add a feature. Add video's to your online publication by simply pasting a YouTube link. You can also drag and drop images.

Publishing doesn’t need to be expensive, check out our plans